The role of a financial controller

Financial controller looking at statistics

The financial controller is a core financial position within a commercial organization, SME amongst accounting and finance professionals, and such candidates with strong experience are highly sought-after by employers.


The truth about being a financial controller

A financial controller's role, and a financial controller can also be responsible for treasury, tax, financial planning and growth of commercial business partnerships.

To get the job

Employers often seek essential, and you will have to demonstrate the ability to see not only the micro, but also the macro side of things. In Belgium, finance professionals with a strong grasp of local and US GAAP and IFRS requirements are also highly valued.

Reporting is just a small part of the role, and a financial controller can also be responsible for treasury, tax, financial planning and growing of commercial business partnerships.

Getting ahead of the competition

Given the competitive nature of the market, a classic accounting background reporting role, and eventually, a financial controller role. Candidates without the necessary qualifications should consider acquiring accreditation from a professional body, or accumulate substantial experience in a commercial environment.

Job responsibilities and progression

The core responsibilities of the position will include financial reporting, can evolve in their career to become finance directors or CFOs, depending on the profile or sector of the company.



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